About Skeleton Star, Inc.


The intention of this page is to help visitors understand our company, and this Entity of our company.

Skeleton Star, Inc. is a company consisting of multiple Entities (pseudo divisions) that are all focused on making B2B, and life, easy for individuals and businesses.

The purpose of this entity is to Help Jump-Start your business by NOT starting from scratch.

Our business practice solutions, whether the products we provide or the services we offer, enable the completion of your "business planning" projects expeditiously, painlessly, with the appropriate level of sophistication, and at a fraction of normal human and financial cost.

What We Are:

We are a company whose tool and template products, and services, enable a small or medium-sized business (large businesses are welcome too) to manage the business and associated personnel in an effective, efficient, and professional manner. Our products, based on sound business practices, instill focus, discipline, and structure within the current organization, while enabling the move to the next level.

Our goal is to provide tools and templates that are field tested and proven, at discount prices. We do this by not having the overhead required by "What We're Not".

At Skeleton Star, Inc. we're in the business of making your business look good. By providing the components that enable your management team to manage thru sound business practices, the perception of your business through the eyes of your customers, business associates, and employees will be greatly enhanced.

We are a full-service company that consistently challenges the boundaries of our mission statement. Our business has been built on quality, integrity, and customer-focused service. Our highly trained and experienced staff are continually educated in the latest business practice techniques and applications. Our sales and consulting staff will assist you in determining the most effective tools, templates, guidelines, and services to meet your specific needs.

Once our customer, count on Skeleton Star, Inc. to keep both your business running smooth and your image looking polished and professional, utilizing our complete customer service, technical support, and consulting services. To us, "full-service" means taking a 360º approach toward customer anticipation, toward the quality of product, delivery, service, and support, and toward customer satisfaction.

Our services include a multitude of options to meet any type of start-up, small, or medium-sized business, business practice need. Skeleton Star, Inc. can supply your company with any number of custom items, e.g., business models, vision statements, mission statements, policies, employee handbooks, etc., at the corporate level, or various guidelines and tools at the division or department level, i.e., customer service, technical support, etc.

Please contact one of our sales representatives so that we can get started on a competitive bid for your custom project. Here at Skeleton Star, Inc. we are committed to giving you the quality and satisfaction you deserve.

What We're Not:

We are not a company with a staff of attorneys that on an ongoing basis review recent court decisions regarding human resource matters, and offer advice.

We are not a company that has a staff of human resource degreed personnel that invent things for you to try.

It is not our goal to replace your local human resource team / person, but to provide tools, templates, and guidelines to more efficiently utilize and/or reduce your human resource effort and expense, while laying the foundation for your business future.

We don't offer "chat" rooms, contests, message boards, or other non-essential information or recommendations that aren't within the scope of our mission statement.


Our Business Model

Vision Statement:

Total customer satisfaction.

Mission Statement:

Provide our customers and stakeholders with products and services, and a level of service and support that exceeds customer expectations, and raises the industry benchmark for the quality of product, delivery, service, and support.

At our company "Perfectionist" IS a job description. Our values demand that we be dedicated to your success. AND… we understand the difference between sales and relationships, and would prefer a great relationship over a great sale. Through experience we know that good business relationships result in good business solutions, and good business solutions result in additional/ongoing relationships and business.

We relentlessly seek excellence in quality of product, delivery, service, and support, and in customer satisfaction… all that we do.

Why "strain your brain" trying to re-invent the wheel?

Our offerings allow you to more efficiently utilize and/or reduce your human resource effort and expense, while enabling the future success of your business.

In general, our sound business practice templates are 95+% complete.

All you need to do is insert your logo, "tweak" a word or two - or a line or two, and publish.

See Overview for additional business sense insight for utilizing our offerings.

If you desire any customization at our end, please contact us here, and we'll get back to you.