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Did you know that reciprocal link exchanging is dead?

We are glad that it is! When we think about all the time and money we wasted on various link exchanging schemes, we wish that we would have wised-up much sooner. Following are just some of the shortcomings of exchanging links:

  • Just the administration of it is overwhelming... even if you've purchased one of those slick link exchange management software packages, like we did. For example, finding potential link exchange web sites; composing wonderfully written e-mails to hopefully get a positive response; reviewing responses - that is if you're lucky enough to receive any; continually checking to see that any links received are indeed still active; etc, all of these tasks are very tedious and time consuming whether you have the slick software or not, for little or no benefit.
  • SPAM has gotten so bad that probably 98% of link exchange requests get filtered, and never get read.
  • You're constantly bombarded by those with sleazy or inadequate sites who want to ride on your coat tails.
  • There are many, many other shortcomings!

AND, do you know the reason why so many of us have gone through that misery above? The answer: "To Improve Page Rank"... because search engines give web sites with incoming links from other web sites better placement for their respective search words and phrases.

In a nutshell though, the only way to exponentially improve the Page Rank (PR) of your web site, which in turn will improve the ranking of your search terms, which will draw more customers and sales in through the front-door, is by paying for links from a higher PR ranked site. We say paying because nobody with a high PR ranked web site is going to do it for free unless they are a relative of yours, and maybe not even then.

It is not necessary to have an abundance of incoming links from lesser PR web sites - in fact, it could hurt you. One or two well-placed incoming links from a distinctly higher PR web site is all you need.

So why continue to go thru all the misery detailed above, and the let down when it doesn't work?

Our nicely PR ranked web site is open for placement of "text links" to your web site, which should show immediate results upon the next crawl of our site. Adult sites, sleazy sites, and inadequate sites (broken links, under construction, and generally not pleasing to the eye, etc.) need not bother to inquire / apply.

If you're interested in a sure thing - simple with quick results, just drop us an email here... and we'll e-mail our rates to you ASAP.