How To Handle An IT Audit; How To Prepare For An IT Audit; IT Audit Guidelines

This set of Audit Guidelines with an Information Technology (IT) emphasis were professionally-formulated by an ex-IT auditor.

As a company desires to grow from a small to a medium sized business it becomes increasingly apparent that one of leadership's primary obligations is to protect corporate resources, corporate information, and the information of customers, associates, and employees, placed in their custody.

There is no better way to do this than to look at your IT Infrastructure from an auditor's perspective - being able to pass a stringent audit because the business is controlled, information is adequately protected, and laws are not being violated.

An effective information protection program cannot be solely defined in terms of trust. Rather, it must be based upon the same prudent business practices that applied to earlier manual systems; careful definition of individual responsibilities, separation of controls, maintenance of audit trails, protection of vital records, and access to information limited, based on "need to know". These are all controls, and are exactly what auditors look for.

Sound business practices include policies, procedures, controls, reviews, and especially, separation of duties. However, sound business practices require more than solid practices to be effective. They must have real and continued management backing and involvement.

In addition, to be successful with sound business practices, management must also organize their team so there are clearly defined roles and responsibilities, with no conflicts of interest. Separation of responsibilities must be an integral part of sound business practices.

If audit comments are written, especially if they are the same as were written last audit (repeat comments), it could prove to be career limiting. This is probably one of the worst things that can happen from the eyes of one's executive leadership team. Their perception of this condition is that sound business practices are either not in place, are very loose, or focus is very weak. This situation usually results in either a management change and / or a reprimand.

This great little PDF e-Book (34 pages) lays it all out so that you and your business will know how to prepare for an IT audit, and will know how to handle an IT audit.

Most of all, there is no waiting! This document will be available via download... and you could be implementing it in a matter of minutes.

Some of the positives that can result from putting these audit guidelines into practice are:

• Greatly improved information security focus
• Fewer information security incidents
• Fewer audit concerns / comments
• Greatly improved business focus

To enable the above mentioned positive aspects for your business, there's no reason not to purchase these IT Audit Guidelines today and get all of the enabling capabilities, information security focus, and perception that these IT Audit Guidelines offers you and your business.

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