Building Access Security

How many times have you allowed unidentified persons to follow you into your place of business without asking them for proper identification?

Restricting building access is our first line of defense for keeping intruders and thieves out of our facilities. Building access control is the initial barrier against equipment and information theft / loss from our work environment.

A second line of defense, should intruders gain access, is the physical location of our computers or other valuable equipment. Equipment such as file servers and similar devices should be located in additionally secured areas within our facilities. We should also use anti-theft products to help protect our computer / valuable equipment and valuable information, e.g., cabling that connects the equipment to a desk, beam, or other anchor; strong adhesives; battery-powered alarm system; etc.

In the future, one should question unfamiliar persons before allowing them access to our facilities, and notify security of unidentified personnel carrying equipment out the door. It doesn't do us much good to protect our computers from intruders and thieves with passwords and antivirus software, when at the same time, we're holding the door open for them.

It's our responsibility!