Business Ethics - Are You a Playoff Contender?

Just as we have federal, state, and local laws, and business ethics that govern our actions on the big playing field, we have company policies that can be seen as the rules that govern our internal game plan. We have coaches to interpret the policies and develop standards, along with team players to implement the rules through practices and procedures, and referees to act as auditors.

Most companies have formally prepared, documented, and published corporate policies that provide guidance in conducting business, serving the customer, and valuing people. An example of some corporate policies might be:

• Business Ethics
• Business Continuity
• Equal Employment Opportunity
• Export Compliance
• Information Security
• Software Compliance
• Etc.

Some policies emphasize specific topics like Open Door, Sexual Harassment, Substance Abuse, or Violence in the Workplace, and details can usually be found within your Employee Handbook or Employee Code of Conduct.

Some of the standards, practices, and procedures include items like "Clean Desk", Information Handling, Acceptable Internet Usage, Acceptable E-mail Usage, etc.

Future articles will examine some of the federal regulations / laws and specific policies in more detail.

In the meantime, be sure to review and understand your company's policies and procedures to ensure that you are a play-off contender.