Cellular Phone Security

Here are a few tips to safeguard the security of your business and personal cellular phones. The time spent taking a few simple precautions, can save you time and money in the long run.

Prevent unauthorized calls - Use the built-in code feature that most cell phones are equipped with, which allows the owner to select a four-digit code that must be used to place outgoing calls.

Avoid theft - Never leave the cell phone laying in your vehicle in full view, and remember to lock your phone when it's not in use.

Prevent cloning - Avoid usage, in high-traffic areas, where it is easy for a thief to "hit" on a frequency with their electronic equipment, clone your number, and run up your bill!

Avoid sensitive conversations - Be careful not to discuss confidential or personal information. Theft of information is a major threat to both business and personal cell phone users. Even though it is illegal to monitor cellular phone calls, thieves have access to equipment that can intercept your calls.

Fight back using awareness, prevention, and wisdom:

a) Never write the phone number on the cell phone or case.
b) Always change the factory set security codes and replace them with your own code.
c) Be aware of your conversation, and the potential of being monitored.
d) Immediately report a stolen phone or potential cloning to your service provider. The sooner your service provider is made aware of a problem or unusual activity, the quicker they can investigate and possibly catch the thief.

By taking these few precautions, and using a little common sense, you will greatly enhance the privacy and security of your cellular phone, and continue to get the maximum benefit of this communications technology.