Computer Backups - It's Gone!

How many times have you said that? Creating and labeling daily, weekly, and/or monthly backups of your information, based on how difficult it might be to recover / re-create, can save hours of heartache.

The time to create a backup copy can range from five minutes to many hours depending on the size of the system or set of information you desire to have backed up. Always identify the contents, the date of the backup, and the data classification.

The information backed up, the number of backups, and the frequency of backups depends on your answers to the following questions:

• What would happen to my business, my customer, and my colleagues if I lost this information and could not recover all or most of it?
• Has data been added / modified / removed since the last backup?
• Has there been a modification of the system, programs, or functions?
• Creating at least two backup copies is recommended for sensitive or critical data:
• Send one backup copy to an off-site storage area for disaster recovery purposes.
• Store a second backup copy on-site for operational or on-site recovery.

You should make backup copies of all original software soon after installation. Follow these tips and never have to say "It's Gone"!