E-mail Chain Letters - Break that Chain!

Chain letters continue to be an ongoing concern throughout most companies and organizations. Participation in the distribution of chain letters is a personal decision, but it SHOULD NOT occur as a business expense to one's company. It is a misuse of company resources to use inter-office mail, electronic mail, or any other means of business communication to initiate or continue the sharing of a chain letter. Chain letters can slow down the delivery of pertinent business documents by creating downtime or slowdowns in electronic mail systems or creating excess letters in company mailrooms.

Electronic forwarding of chain letters causes a dramatic increase in the allocation of disk space to user data, a dramatic increase in the likelihood of a computer virus attack, and places a strain on company resources that could result in deteriorating message delivery and response time or, even worse, system unavailability.

In addition, the use of computing and technology investments should be for legitimate company business purposes except for personal use deviations approved by one's department head. If you have any questions or concerns regarding chain letters, please contact a member of your management team.