Do You have an Employee Exit Procedure?

Every day in companies such as yours, people begin and terminate their employment. This continual movement of people can, and often does, result in a major security exposure, specifically in cases of employee separation. It is not uncommon to hear stories of retribution by terminated employees who feel they have been treated unfairly. This may be in the form of computer hacking, sabotage, illegal entry onto company property, and other forms of wrongdoing. The damage caused can be severe and can seriously affect the company and its employees.

An employee exit procedure should be formally prepared, documented, and published to provide consistency for managers in dealing with terminated employees, i.e., items to be collected from an employee leaving the company, and computer / system access to be expediently inactivated. Briefly, as an example, the manager of an employee leaving the company should do the following:

• Collect keys, parking passes, ID cards, access cards, company credit cards, and travel call cards.
• Collect any off-site equipment, such as computers, cell phones, and pagers.
• Arrange to have network IDs disabled, and delete or inactivate any other system access.
• Deactivate voice mail, and remove or re-assign phones.
• Etc.