Fax Security - Fill in the Blanks.

When you send a fax, are you sure that the recipient has received it? Do you complete a fax slip? Do you include the complete name, telephone number, and fax number for the recipient and the sender? When sending a confidential or private fax, do you notify the recipient or request receipt confirmation?

By not completely filling out a fax slip or cover sheet, or by not requesting a confirmation receipt, your information is left vulnerable. If a recipient is not listed, it may sit at the fax machine for days or weeks and several people may review the information to determine if the fax is for them. If the receiver is not aware a fax is coming, you may have misdialed and the fax could have been transmitted anywhere; you would have no knowledge that a mistake had occurred! If you had requested confirmation, you would have a better chance of someone calling and stating that they received the information in error and you could verify the telephone number and request they shred the fax before sending your next fax. You should complete the fax slip or cover sheet with all the important details. This will help ensure that your information does not fall into the wrong hands.