Internet Usage Guidelines

Equipment and information in any form is considered an asset of the company and thus must be properly used and adequately protected. This includes the usage of company provided Internet and Intranet connections which are intended to be used primarily for business purposes.

These business necessity connections are a company resource that without Internet Usage Guidelines and / or Internet Usage Policy and sound business practice, could experience severe non-business abuse potentially resulting in embarrassment and / or trauma resulting in up to and including system unavailability.

Special note and refrain should be paid to the downloading of "freeware" and "shareware" which cause a dramatic increase in the likelihood of a computer virus, worm, or Trojan Horse attack.

Whether you take the hard-line approach or a softer approach, you still need published guidelines and / or policy to state company position / expectations for all, and to have a leg to stand on legally for the habitual abuser.

So, what are the Internet Usage risks?

Following is a quick summary of some of them:

  • Legal Liability - To have a leg to stand on at all companys need to, at a minimum, publish guidelines regarding the usage of their company provided Internet connections. If not, usually it's employers rather than employees who come up short at court proceedings initiated by an ex-employee as a result of being released due to chronic Internet abuse.
  • System Unavailability - Personal / non-business usage which involves the downloading of "freeware" and "shareware" cause a dramatic increase in the likelihood of a computer virus, worm, or Trojan Horse attack. This more than likely would createdeteriorating response timeor, even worse, total system unavailability.
  • Detrimental Resource Usage - Personal / non-business usage consisting of downloading large files, e.g., videos, pictures, etc. use substantial network bandwidth and disk space, which results in a reduced availability of these resources for business related needs.
  • Lost Productivity - Surveys indicate that the majority of employees use company provided Internet connections for personal use. This also has an impact on network bandwidth.
  • Harm to Reputation - This can happen via access to pornographic or inappropriate material, or participating in "chat" rooms or "blogs".
  • Confidentiality Violations - This can include the divulging of closely guarded company information via participation in "chat" rooms or "blogs", accidentally or on purpose.

So, what good will our guidelines do?

You can manage the above noted risks formally by publishing guidelines or policy (policy can be easily formulated from these guidelines). Following are some of the positives that can begin to result from publishing your Internet Usage Guidelines:

  • Greatly improved Internet Usage focus
  • Fewer Internet Usage incidents
  • Fewer audit concerns / comments
  • Greatly improved business focus
  • Reduced legal risk
  • Delivery of best practice information to employees
  • Enhances the professional perception of your business

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Internet Usage Guidelines

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