Overview of the Intent and Usage of This Web Site

Setting the Stage:

Skeleton Star, Inc. and this web site is about helping you to manage your business, from an operational perspective. AND, we feel the best way to clarify our aim is to provide some examples of what we mean.

BUT, before we go there let us continue on by saying that our assumption is that you are already in business; you have already created your Strategic Business Plan to sway investors and acquire financing; you've done your market research; you've done your product / service development and marketing plans; etc. You're IN BUSINESS, and have a feasible product or service to offer.

We provide professionally-formulated, field-proven, operations-oriented, Sound Business Practice enabling products and services, that enable you to more effectively and efficiently utilize and/or reduce your human resource effort and expense; more effectively and efficiently manage your business and employees; enable you to enhance the professional perception of your business; enable you to enhance employee morale; enable you to attract and retain the best people; and enable you to accomplish it all in harmony with your corporate identity.

To say it another way, this web site provides you with operational Sound Business Practice foresight and insight... AND, with our template products you then have the hindsight to get your projects completed quickly and easily.


Whether you have just launched a new business, want to smooth out some bumps within your existing organization, or want to take your existing business / organization to the next level, you need to implement sound business practices.

It doesn't matter if you and your team develop / document sound business practices in-house from scratch, pay a consultant to facilitate and/or author the creation of them, or purchase templates from us or from another like business, you need them. Of course, since we're in the template business, we recommend that approach, but let us explain why.

If you develop them in-house from scratch, it is very painful, very tedious, very time consuming, and very expensive. Members of our team have, during previous assignments, been part of teams that have hammered out, e.g., an operational business model. In some cases, this took months consisting of many meetings and off-line get-togethers to dialogue, build consensus, red-team, draft, and publish.

When you consider the hours spent, and the wages paid (usually the senior staff), this was very expensive indeed. If you pay a consultant to facilitate this task, it's usually even more expensive since you usually have to go through the same motions as above, and now you have added the cost of the consultant to the equation.

If you take our recommended approach, beginning with a template / skeleton / straw man, you're not starting from scratch. This makes a big difference. You can still have team dialogue and team buy-in, but in all likelihood you've just cut the process by greater than 75% - tremendous savings.

Also, we like to refer to our templates as "skeletons" (how our company name: Skeleton Star, Inc. was formulated)... AND... even though the term "skeleton", AKA template or straw man, might insinuate that we provide "bare bones" solutions, nothing could be further from the truth. To us "skeleton" is a subtle way of presenting our offerings to suggest that we "think outside the box" (no pun intended), and to us this term is just a synonym of template or straw man.

Our "skeleton" offerings are "dressed to the nines", in a very near publication state, and you can make any changes you want quickly and easily.

So, why re-invent the wheel?  We have a plethora of "skeletons" and other offerings to allow you to more effectively and efficiently utilize and/or reduce your human resource effort and expense. Our offerings will enable your business to become more focused, more efficient, more professional, and make your life easier.

SO, what do operational sound business practices mean to Skeleton Star? Just to give you an idea without delving too far into detail, we'll mention a few items and the mini-rationale behind why they are important:

  • mission statements (from one of our sister sites)
  • vision statements (from one of our sister sites)
  • Company Values Statements - focus the team by describing the culture and ethics that define what one can expect the behaviors of the company and its employees to be.
  • Business Models - focus the team by describing the operational plan to enable business success to be achieved.
  • Employee handbooks - focus the team by communicating, on an official basis, information regarding company policies and benefits.
  • Employee Ranking - is the mechanism to ensure that best performers are rewarded, and to legally justify in a time of economic downturn, how personnel were chosen to be let go.
  • Compensation Planning - is the mechanism to ensure that you justly reward the personnel responsible for the company's success - your best and most reliable performers. A business needs to have a process that ensures that a company's best performers are appropriately rewarded and retained,
  • Etc.

At Skeleton Star, Inc. the consensus is that effective managers are not born effective. They become effective through the acquisition of knowledge, experience, and the appropriate implementation of Sound Business Practices.

AND, the fastest way to implement something is to start, and to start with a template / straw man / skeleton can get you there expeditiously and painlessly. So what are you waiting for?

Reality Check:

All "skeletons" available for purchase from this web site must be considered templates that need some final "tweaking" by the customer, i.e., inserting the customers logo, ensuring the "tone" suits the customers needs, etc. Although most "skeletons"  are useable as is (except for the minor "tweaking" mentioned above), at a minimum, the customers legal counsel should perform a review to ensure wording suits the needs of the customers business or organization.

Purchase Process:

Best of all, there is no waiting! Once our e-commerce credit card processing company securely and successfully processes your credit card information, your product(s) will be available via download... AND, you'll be able to print or modify it / them in minutes.

All of our offerings are completed using PDF, Microsoft Office Word, or Microsoft Office Excel, which means, in order for them to be read, modified, or perform satisfactorily, the end-user must have the appropriate one of these software products installed on their computer. Note: PDF is an acronym that stands for, Portable Document Format. The Adobe company at Adobe.comhas created PDF as a standard to make information easy to access through digital transmission. PDF has been adopted as the main format for e-Books and reports throughout the internet. PDF format can be viewed on any computer. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC to view this format. It is probably already on your computer. If not, you can install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for free here. In addition, the actual item/product will be contained within a Winzip zipped file and the end-user must also have this software product installed on their computer in order to unzip the contents. It also is probably already on your computer. If not, please download a free trial version here.

If this doesn't work for you, i.e., you don't have Winzip, or you desire the template to be usable with a different word processor software product, or if you desire some customization, please contact us here.