Personal Computer Security Guidelines

As a company desires to grow from a small to a medium sized business it becomes increasingly apparent that one of leadership's primary obligations is to protect corporate resources, corporate information, and the information of customers, associates, and employees, placed in their custody.

Leadership must ensure that the business is controlled, information is adequately protected, and laws are not being violated... AND... Personal Computers play a very large role in the overall equation.

The responsibility for the security of PCs lies with leadership and PC users. The required degree of PC security depends upon the vulnerability to equipment theft, and the sensitivity of information contained on hard drives and removable media.

AND... the first line of defense to protect against unauthorized access in a computing, communication, or application environment is user identification and authentication access controls. The requirement is for all users to validate their right to access the computing resource. The validation process is the use of an identification code (userid) and a password or another unique aspect of an individual's physical characteristics. Access controls should prevent unauthorized access to company information through technical, i.e., operating system, and / or procedural, i.e., rules methods. Current industry standards support identification codes and passwords, although other technologies, such as smart cards or biometric keys (voiceprints, fingerprints, retinal prints), can be used to manage highly sensitive information.

This great little PDF e-Book (17 pages), offers guidelines regarding the usage of PCs and the protection of information stored on or processed by personal computers, from malicious or unauthorized access.

Most of all, there is no waiting! This document will be available via download... and you could be implementing it in a matter of minutes.

Some of the positives that can result from putting these Personal Computer Security Guidelines into practice are:

  • Greatly improved information security focus
  • Better understanding of personal computer vulnerabilities
  • Fewer information security incidents
  • Fewer audit concerns / comments
  • Greatly improved business focus

Jump-Start the security-conscious business usage of your company provided personal computers with this set of Personal Computer Security Guidelines.

Personal Computer Security

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