Software Piracy - Don't Load That Software Just Yet...

Are you currently using ONLY licensed software? Only licensed or your company's proprietary software can be used in the workplace, and this also applies at home assuming your company is okay with their proprietary software being used at home.

Software is protected by federal copyright law, which says that you can't make additional copies without the permission of the copyright holder. Each software program should be used in accordance with its specific license agreement. The law says that anyone who purchases a copy of software has the right to load that copy onto a single computer and to make another copy "for archival purposes only". When upgrading software, both the original and upgrade is considered one licensed product. It is illegal to use the original software on more than one computer or to make or distribute copies unless specific permission has been obtained from the copyright owner / software company.

Ignorance is no excuse. The laws, ethics, and company policies that govern us dictates that it is every employee's responsibility to become familiar with all restrictions on use or duplication of software so that a licensing agreement is not violated or compromised, and to recognize that any such violation could cause the initiation of legal action against the company and the responsible employee.

So... Don't load that software until you know it is legal.