Strike Preparation Guidelines

One's business could be severely impacted as the result of a work stoppage by a labor union, either directly or indirectly. If your employees, and / or your suppliers, and / or your customer's employees are represented by a labor union, it is possible that at some time they may go on strike and / or picket the work site. This could negatively impact one's ability to meet one's contractual obligations.

In the event that such an occurrence is imminent, implementing these Strike Preparation Guidelines will help prepare you for a strike and enable the protection of employees and assets. At a minimum, you should inform your employees of precautions and procedures to be followed to ensure their safety and to avoid any incident in the event that they are required to cross picket lines.

Today, business as usual means high-speed Internet connections and complicated IT applications. So, an extended outage could be caused by a natural disaster, a civil disturbance, a disgruntled employee, a computer virus, a cut in a main power or fiber optic line, etc., OR... a labor STRIKE.

Businesses that plan to be in business for the long haul know the value of Business Continuity Planning, EXPECT the UNEXPECTED, and plan for it. Labor Union Strike Preparation Planning IS Business Continuity Planning.

This great little PDF e-Book (23 pages) lays it all out so that you and your business will know how to handle a strike.

Most of all, there is no waiting! This document will be available via download... and you could be implementing it in a matter of minutes.

Some of the positives that can result from establishing Strike Preparation Guidelines are:

  • Greatly improved leadership confidence
  • Greatly improved teamwork - TEAM ("Together Everybody Achieves More")
  • Greatly improved business focus
  • Greatly improved customer focus
  • Enhances the professional perception of your business
  • Fosters a team oriented environment
  • Enhances employee morale
  • Helps attract and retain the best people

Having a Strike Preparation plan is vital from a sound business practice perspective, to know that in the event... you and your management team are prepared to handle the situation with confidence, and as a result, your business will continue to move forward, while making provisions for the safety of your employees and assets.

To enable the above mentioned positive aspects for your business, there's no reason not to purchase this package today and get the solution to enable you to take control in the event of a labor strike.

Strike Preparation Guidelines

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