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The intent of our company is to provide operational Sound Business Practice foresight and insight, AND, with our template products one would then have the hindsight to get projects completed quickly and easily.

A business model for example is probably the most important sound business practice element to have documented and published if you want a team that's focused, and pulling together in the same direction - in harmony.

A business model basically consists of mile-markers you drive into the future landscape between where you are and where you want to be. This is important to maintain the focus on the desired future, and to ensure all personnel are working as a team, with full understanding of the company's direction.

People must be clear about company objectives, and clear about how what they do, contributes. This fosters self-esteem. One of the best known ways to feel good about yourself is to understand how your work fits into the big picture.

The business model defines objectives that state where you want to be - whether it be widgets completed or shipped, customers added, accounts collected, or whatever. It also usually defines values to guide your behavior by which, as a company, you want to operate - regarding team members, customers, suppliers, and/or other entities. Objectives are set for the future, and can be modified when desired.

They are the motivating plan the team can follow to get you to your future state. Values are for now and the future. Values are lived, and are the fundamental operating principles you can always rely on. They support and nourish the ongoing effort.

Our offerings will enable your business to become more focused, more efficient, more productive, more professional, and make your life easier.

See Business Practice Overview for additional rationale regarding the financial sense to implement sound business practices by beginning with a template rather than from scratch.

Welcome To Our Website!

Are you tired of struggling to make a success of your business and feel you can't afford to recruit additional support... we can show you the way out of your dilemma... Let our essential sound business practices expertise put your business on the tracks to incredible success... starting today.

"Learn the Most Effective Way to Launch or Turn Your Business Around, and Begin to Live the Life that You've Wanted for so long... operational Sound Business Practices are the Key to Enable Business Success to be Achieved!"

Setting the Stage

Skeleton Star, Inc. and this web site is about helping you to manage your business, from an operational perspective. AND, our assumption is that you are already in business and have a feasible product or service to offer. If our assumption is correct, then the foundation for success is in place, and it then becomes an operational matter to achieve success.

We have the blueprint or recipe for Operational Excellence.


In any business, there are many, many events that must occur every day. Ideally, important events happen automatically as a result of the sound business practices you developed and put in place. Once in place, those practices focus your organization, reduce costly mistakes, and allow your team to concentrate on the things that bring more customers and sales in through the front door.

Business intent must be clear if you want a team that's focused on the priorities. AND... Business Practices that provide focus enable a team to concentrate on the very important things, while providing the steps for the journey to your successful business future.

We've developed a series of solutions to help simplify your business-building process. Successful business owners and managers around the globe have exponentially increased their success and business growth by implementing our offerings.

Our goal is to provide solutions that can be adapted to virtually any business with cut-and-paste ease, growing your business smoothly, predictably, and without a lot of undesired headaches. Are these solutions for everyone? ABSOLUTELY! From startup to mature company, and anywhere in between, these solutions help you put your day-to-day oversight, and the future success of your business on autopilot.

Whether you have just launched a new business, want to smooth out some bumps within your existing organization, or want to take your existing business / organization to the next level, you need to implement sound business practices.

It doesn't matter if you and your team develop / document them in-house from scratch, pay a consultant to facilitate and/or author the creation of them, or purchase templates from us or from another like business, you need them. Of course, since we're in the template business, we recommend that approach, but let us explain why.

If you develop them in-house from scratch, it is very painful, very tedious, very time consuming, and very expensive. Members of our team have, during previous assignments, been a part of teams that have hammered out, e.g., an operational business model. In some cases, this took months consisting of many meetings and off-line get-togethers to dialogue, build consensus, red-team, draft, and publish.

When you consider the hours spent, and the wages paid (usually the senior staff), this was very expensive indeed. If you pay a consultant to facilitate this task, it's even more expensive since you usually have to go through the same motions as above, and now you have added the cost of the consultant to the financial equation.

If you take our recommended approach, beginning with a template / skeleton / straw man, you're not starting from scratch. This makes a big difference. You can still have team dialogue and team buy-in, but in all likelihood you've just cut the process by greater than 75% - tremendous savings.

By the way, we like to use the term "skeleton" instead of template... the term "skeleton" (how our company name: Skeleton Star, Inc. was formulated), AKA template or straw man, is a subtle way of presenting our offerings to suggest that we "think outside the box" (no pun intended), and to us this term is just a synonym of template or straw man. Also, even though the term "skeleton" might insinuate that we provide "bare bones" solutions, our offerings are in a very near publication state, and you can make any changes you want quickly and easily.

SO, what do operational sound business practices mean to Skeleton Star?

There is an overall process for operational success: establish the vision, execute the mission, follow the operational business model plan, execute... and then you review, re-direct, and re-execute per your "tweaks" in order to continuously improve operations, and provide the capability to elevate your business to the next-level of growth.

What it takes to ensure success then is EXECUTION, and you need good, trained, motivated employees who can execute. That is why you need to diligently follow another sound business practice process: evaluate, rank, and compensate in order to retain your valuable employees, and ensure the future success of your business.

Of course many other business practice things have to fall into place, but the above steps are absolutely critical to lay the foundation for the future success of your business.

Get started right away and put this web site to work for you and your business!

I'm convinced! What do I do now?

Congratulations! If you've reached this point we're sure you're ready to get started and will soon take what could be the most significant step you might ever make as a business owner in achieving real success.

At this point, you may have gained enough insight already, and are ready to begin working on your operational business practices. If you want to take our recommended approach, and start with a "skeleton", take-a-look at our solutions to see what we have available to assist you... just click on the "products" tab above.

If you need more coaxing and additional rationale to convince you that operational sound business practices are the key, then go here... Business Practice Rationale.

If you want more detail about the operational sound business practices that we categorize as essential, then go here... Essential Business Practices.

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